Who Is Heading The Marijuana Legalization Effort?

Monsanto Equal PoisonMonsanto, now appears to be establishing genetically customized (GMO) types of marijuana, with the intent of cornering the market with trademarked GMO seeds simply as it did with GMO corn and GMO soybeans. Those are the sorts of conditions that critics have actually discovered buried in the fine print of the most current efforts for marijuana legalization.

Marijuana Legalization – Follow The Money

Wealthy business interests no doubt contributed to keeping marijuana off the marketplace. The concern now is why have they unexpectedly gotten on the bandwagon for its legalization. In accordance with an April 2014 short article in The Washington Times, the huge cash behind the push for legalization has actually come, not from a grassroots motion, however from several really rich people with connections to Big Ag and Big Pharma.

Leading the charge is George Soros, a significant stockholder in Monsanto, the world’s biggest seed business and manufacturer of genetically customized seeds. Monsanto is the company that brought you DDT, Agent Orange, PCBs, aspartame, dioxin-based pesticides, rBGH , RoundUp herbicides, and RoundUp Ready crops (seeds genetically crafted to endure the Roundup herbicides).

Soros likewise sits on the board of the New York-based Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), the world’s most significant institution for marijuana legalization. The DPA is engaged not just in the US but in Uruguay along with other Latin American countries.

A Match Made In Hell

Bayer and Monsanto are scheduled to merge in January 2018. The potential merger would establish the world’s biggest provider of seeds and chemicals. Ecologists fret that the whole farming industry might shortly be observing sterile plants soaked in harmful chemicals.

The health advantages of marijuana are now well known.

medical marijuana

It is an inexpensive, natural alternative reliable for a broad variety of ailments, and the non-psychoactive type referred to as hemp has countless commercial applications. At one time, marijuana was among the world’s essential crops. It was a required crop in several States.

There have actually been no documented deaths from marijuana overdose in the United States, compared with about 30,000 plus deaths each year from alcoholic abuse (not counting automobile mishaps), and over 100,000 deaths every year from prescription drugs. Yet, marijuana stays a Schedule I managed compound (“a lethal hazardous drug with no medical usage and high capacity for abuse”), prohibited to be offered or grown in the United States.

The War On Marijuana Users

Those that utilize the marijuana plant to recover from severe ailments, discover that the plant grown naturally in sunshine is even more reliable than hothouse plants or pharmaceutical marijuana derivatives. Letitia Pepper is a California lawyer and activist who utilizes medical cannabis to manage several sclerosis. As she puts it, if you do not have an irreversible right to grow a natural, healing herb in your yard that a corporation able to manage high license costs can grow and offer to you at premium costs, isn’t really that still a war on individuals who utilize cannabis?

Monsanto has taken legal action against numerous farmers for merely keeping seeds from year to year, a thing they have carried out centuries. Certified organic farmers are finding it progressively more challenging to stop contamination of their crops by Monsanto’s GMOs.¬†¬†Monsanto would likely develop GMO hemp seeds initially, like they did with corn and soy beans, but they are also developing strains with different levels of THC and CBD.¬† They could wreck the industry.