Reefer 101 – The Basics of Smoking Marijuana

No matter what you smoke out of, you are going to have to breathe in the weed. If you’re not accustomed to cigarette smoking then you might be susceptible to merely holding the smoke in your mouth. You will not get extremely high with this method. It’s most likely you would not get high at all. You’ll have to bring the smoke deep into your lungs to obtain the complete impact.

How To Inhale Marijuana Smoke

To breathe in, all you need to do is take a sluggish deep breath. You’ll feel the smoke take a trip down your windpipe and fill your lungs. If you do not feel anything in your lungs, then you’re most likely not breathing deep enough. You must be taking in a little fresh air together with the smoke.

smoking potThe entire concept that you have to hold the smoke in for a long time is mainly a misconception. You will not get lots of gain from holding the smoke as long as possible. Simply breathe in deeply, provide yourself a really brief time out, then breathe out gradually. You don’t have to become all blue in the face. If it makes you feel much better to hold it for a few seconds then do it, however I see nothing different when I hold it for 5 seconds vs. 1 second.

One typical error is swallowing the smoke rather of inhaling it. This approach not only not going to get you high, it can cause indigestion, and cause you to throw up.┬áIt can cause you to have smoke burps which are precisely what you might think. It’s rather awkward to be out in public and a little cloud of weed comes out after a burp. Keep in mind, you’re breathing in the smoke into your lungs– not swallowing it into your stomach.

Pot Will Make You Cough

If you’re just starting to smoke then you are going to cough– it’s simply part of learning to smoke pot. There are things that you can do to decrease coughing and the burning throat experience which will decrease the more you smoke and permit your body to get adjusted to it. Here are a couple of pointers:

  • Start with truly little hits. This should be obvious and necessary as well when it comes time to smoke. If you’re smoking with other individuals then do not believe you have take hits as huge as them. If they’re skilled then they can take a lot larger hit without coughing than you can.
  • Think about something with water purification. Bong’s might appear a bit frustrating but they are really easy to use. You could also go with a bubbler, which is a little portable pipe that holds water. Why water? It’s going to cool off the smoke. The heat is the main reason for the burning throat, so the very best method to treat the circumstance is to cool it down.
  • Do not attempt to continue smoking while you’re coughing or have an aching throat. It will just get worse. Take a minute to unwind and consume a glass of ice water. As soon as you’re feeling much better you can take another hit.


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